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I really like the platform because there are a lot of people with great ideas and no matter the industry, confidence is needed to speak and get your ideas out there. Unfortunately, a lot of us suffer from a lack of confidence in silence and don’t do anything about it.

Maybe because it was hard to find a solution…until now (Samuel, Unified)”

How the HopStair app works

  • When you download HopStair, you will first be guided through an onboarding questionnaire where we get to know you more and you can identify focus areas which help us give you personalised content on the science, exercises, tools and nudges to foster introspection.
  • You have access to a peer-to-peer community and to an exclusive suite of hand-picked coaches, to access 1:1 coaching sessions (cost for individual coaching session is additional to app subscription)
  • Our mascot, Hopsy, will always be at hand to guide you.

Why build self-confidence

Most people live lives that are rich with insecurities and poor coping mechanisms to account for things they are not at peace with (the type of peace self-confidence brings). You might hide who you really are and pretend to be someone else, you might feel miserable inside – fearful, worried, anxious, panicky. You may just not like you or not believe in yourself. This all will impact negatively on your relationships, your performance, or your ability to achieve your goals.

We asked people for our #confidencestories series to share how they have experienced lacking self-confidence, how they built self-confidence and the difference it has made to their lives.

How does HopStair build confidence?

Self-confidence is the secret sauce behind all this - it’s what fuels you, what propels you forward.

Self-confidence allows you to unlock the growth and motivation you have been looking for.

With HopStair, you have a coach in your pocket - always there when you need it.

Self-confidence means appreciating, valuing, and loving who you are, knowing what you are capable of, and being resourceful. And when built properly, you will have the insight and tools to channel it at all times.

What self-confidence means to our users

Who is it for

Our platform is for anyone who wants to build self-confidence and overcome mental barriers. 

Around 60% of the general population struggle with lack of self-confidence. But with the right tools and support (like us), you can build your self-confidence in no time.

What building self-confidence feels like

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