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What is HopStair

HopStair is a coaching platform to help you build confidence via daily nudges, leveraging behavioural science, coaching principles and other disciplines to give you the practical tools to help you build confidence in the way that works for you.

A quote from the founder/CEO, Nadine: “Confidence is truly your superpower and enables you to achieve anything you set your mind to. But confidence needs nurturing and continuous practice, and we are convinced we can help you achieve it.”

Our formula is simple: The better you know yourself, the larger your toolbox, the more confident you will become – and we will guide you through the whole process.



We all sometimes need a small nudge and support. HopStair will help you build your confidence effectively and sustainably and help you unlock your full potential so you can reach any goal.

How it works:

  • daily nudges full of personalized, bite-sized, practical tools, insights and reflective questions, to boost and build confidence effectively and sustainably
  • co-produced with our users
  • authentic, relevant and empowering content
  • tools to grow your self-confidence daily – or whenever you need a boost
  • AI to maximise personalisation and insights

What confidence means to our users

What confidence means to our users

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