About Us

Our core beliefs

We believe self-confidence is your superpower. You can be highly skilled, passionate, driven, but with insufficient self-confidence it will take you longer and it will be harder or impossible to achieve your goals and achieve happiness and fulfilment. Luckily, building self-confidence is entirely within your reach – and we will help you build it, effectively and sustainably.
The app has been developed with leading academic centres for behavioural science and psychology, leading coaches, and in close collaboration with users of our app.

Our stories

Nadine Pfeifer


I have founded HopStair to really fix how we approach mental health, and mental health not only meaning depression and anxiety or other conditions, but also meaning mental barriers, mental toughness, mental agility. And at the root of this is self-confidence. Self-confidence protects against mental health conditions and makes symptoms more manageable. But more generally, self-confidence allows people to break through mental barriers that stand in between that happy and fulfilling life we all want and where one is now.

And these mental barriers are abundant in many people’s lives. Many people don’t feel comfortable being themselves or don’t dare exploiting all their amazing qualities and skills. Many are held back by fear. But low self-confidence plagues many, it plagued me, and it affected many areas of my life. Nothing helped me before I stumbled over coaching which was a lucky find and I am conscious many people don’t have access as it usually costs a lot of money.

What HopStair is here to do is really give everyone access to coaching techniques, embark on their journey to build self-confidence and see for themselves how this transforms every aspect of their life which will allow people to really live the lives they want to live and be who they want to be. We are a team of 20 all with the same passion and goal to make people more confident. And this is literally building the solution we all wish we had had.

Frequently asked questions

self-confidence builds through five key components: clarity on what self-confidence actually is (it’s hard to build a square house if you thought they were round, right?), introspection (really getting to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your triggers, your coping mechanisms, your passions, etc), unlearning and learning of things and building habits that suit you and by extension the people around you, challenging yourself and stepping outside your comfort zone, and community. Plus it takes consistency, accountability, a sense of progress and excitement to keep at it and build it. It’s not an overnight journey. We provide all of this through the platform, in way that is fun and enables you to grow every day.

Absolutely, your information is safe with us. We comply with GDPR and the latest standards in cyber and information security.

Yes, although you can use a basic version of the app for free forever. If you are lucky we might also soon come to your employer or university which would allow you to use HopStair premium for free.

It depends a bit on your method of payment, but all you need to do is cancel your subscription through, say, Apple Pay. We do not bind you beyond the current payment period.

We tend to find that users see tangible progress within 4-8 weeks of starting their journey with us. We recommend users stay with us for a minimum of four months and enter maintenance mode after that to keep progress fresh. You will find that you will likely need more intense refreshers after, until you reach a consistent and high level of self-confidence which then increasingly becomes subconscious.