HopStair for organisations

The importance of focusing on mental health in organisations

  • As an organisation (employer, educational provider, or else), it’s crucial that you prioritize the mental health for your people (staff, students etc). Supporting their mental health is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. Failing to invest in mental health can have serious consequences, such as decreased wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. Additionally, it can prevent people from reaching their full potential and utilizing their unique skills and talents.
  • The recently developed Mental Health at Work Index, developed by One Mind At Work, highlights 10 key areas that organisations should focus on in order to support good mental health, including the general environment, training, mental health resources and benefits, and measurement and analytics. By taking action in these areas, you can create a supportive and healthy environment for your people.
Illustrative; individuals may move back and forth
between categories over the course of their lives

75 in 100 employees require support that fosters mental wellness

24 in 100 employees require mental-wellness support and have moderate needs such as counselling or psychotherapy

Using digital tech to support employees’ mental health and resilience by Jacqueline Brassey, Anna Güntner, Karina Isaak, and Tobias Silberzahn

1 in 100 employees require mental-wellness support and have more acute needs that may require more intense services or treatment

Why HopStair is your solution

HopStair helps you support your people holistically, in a way that suits them, in a bespoke way, preventatively building good mental health, via the magic of self-confidence.

Ours is a comprehensive approach to whole-staff mental health that focuses on building self-confidence, the foundation of good mental health. We believe in investing into building the root, not purely fighting symptoms of poor mental health. It’s only when we tackle the root, self-confidence, that we enable people to well by themselves and much less likely to experience mental health symptoms and crises.

With our in-built analytics, you are not left guessing as to tangible improvements in the wellbeing of your people.



By boosting inner self-confidence, your people can overcome anxiety and stress, leading to improved motivation, productivity and performance.


Help your people develop a positive mindset, which will increase resilience and ability to adapt to change.


Encouraging self-reflection and self-awareness (a cornerstone of our platform) can improve emotional intelligence, leading to better communication and teamwork.


Increased self-confidence can help your people take on new challenges, leading to growth and development. Their growth is your growth!


Improved mental health can decrease absenteeism and presenteeism, which spares your people pain and saves you time and money.


Our app can help create a supportive work environment that prioritizes your people’s well-being and mental health. Support your people how they want to be supported.


Working with us will allow you to stand out in an otherwise broadly inconclusive and ineffective organisational wellbeing offer.


Encouraging self-confidence and positive self-talk can improve people’s satisfaction.


By fostering a culture of self-improvement, organisations can promote innovation and creativity.